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Freedom Road™ is Oklahoma City and Trinidad’s Premium Cannabis Dispensary

Welcome to Freedom Road, where we take premium cannabis and customer satisfaction seriously. The cannabis market is growing in leaps and bounds, and you have many choices for medical and recreational consumption. How can you sift through the hype and find the best products to meet your needs? By partnering with a dispensary committed to providing high-quality medical and recreational marijuana products to Trinidad, CO and Oklahoma City, OK. We’re professionals backed by our own knowledge and experience when it comes to operating and cultivating our own marijuana grow to ensure you get only the best cannabis products possible.

Owning and operating our own marijuana grow in Oklahoma City and Trinidad allows us to carefully control and test different variables so our cannabis product is perfect once it hits the shelves. Our community is very important to us which is why we choose to embody our community in our very product!

Whether you’re seeking medical cannabis in Oklahoma City or recreational weed in Trinidad, we go out of our way to stock the premium concentrates, edibles, and accessories you prefer. We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect products for your needs by educating our staff to address your every question and concern. When you want the finest cannabis products from a friendly and accommodating dispensary in Oklahoma City or Trinidad, visit Freedom Road Dispensary.


Find Your Road

Welcome to Freedom Road, where we take quality cannabis and customer satisfaction very seriously. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, making it more and more difficult to sift through the hype and find the best cannabis products to suit your needs. That’s why our expert staff is committed to educating and assisting every customer in making the most informed decision possible. The road to relief [and recreation] looks different for everyone – let’s find yours.


Energizes body and mind.
Our most elevated experience.

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Uplifts without disengaging.
All happy. No haze.

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Elevates energy levels and
social engagement. Need a lift?

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Soothes tension and pain.
Take the edge off.

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Calms body and mind.
Sounder sleep awaits.

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We only carry the best brands on the market.
Here are a few you can find in our stores.

A Few Cannabis Brands
We Carry

Your Premium Cannabis Dispensary in Trinidad and Oklahoma City

Not all cannabis is created equally, and the same is true of dispensaries. When you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary that goes beyond premium cannabis products, Freedom Road is the caring and conscientious partner you need. With several convenient locations to choose from, Colorado and Oklahoma customers enjoy easy access to superior cannabis products. Choosing between edibles, tinctures, vape products, and more can be confusing and intimidating, especially when you don’t have any way to gauge the quality of products you’re purchasing.  

Our Dedication to Cannabis Education

Not every dispensary is interested in educating their clientele, but at Freedom Road, we want to empower you to make wise choices about your health, wellness, and life balance.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and we’re happy to help you improve your experience any way we can. Don’t hesitate to approach us with your questions and concerns.  We’re always happy to discuss recreational and medicinal marijuana benefits, advise you on cannabis products that suit your needs and preferences, and provide an educational experience that makes you more comfortable and confident in your cannabis consumption.