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Silver Sunday- Customers 55+ Receive 15% off their entire purchase!

Munchie Monday- Receive 15% off all edibles, drinkables and tinctures!

Doobie Tuesday- Receive our in-house prerolls for only $4/gram (that’s 50% off!)

Wax Wednesday- Receive 15% off all concentrates- Wax, Shatter, Live Resin and more!

Threaded Thursday- Receive 15% off all vape cartridges and disposable pens!




May 14th-16th

8 for $108 500mg Vape Carts
15% off Infused Flower *You could be higher 😉
2 for $25 100mg edibles

May 21st-23rd 

20% off Live Resin Concentrates
2 for $10 Keef Colas- 10mg infused sodas
15% off Merchandise and Smokeware

May 28th-31st– Memorial Day Weekend

30% off MarQaha flasq’s and tinctures
8 for $108 500mg Vape Carts
$12 Freedom Road concentrates
25% off Mary’s Medicinals