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Premium Marijuana Flower

Premium Marijuana Flower at Freedom Road™

When it comes to cannabis at Freedom Road, flower is at the heart of our business, and we’ve dedicated our operations to mastering it. Our premium in-house flower products are proudly grown indoors, free of pesticides in climate-controlled, state-of-the-art grow facilities using top-tier genetics, but here, high quality doesn’t mean high prices. At Freedom Road, you’ll find the exceptional flower products and accessories you need at prices you can afford. 


What is Marijuana Flower or Bud?

The flower or bud is the seed-bearing part of the marijuana plant and contains the highest concentration of THC. Flower is dried and cured before it is consumed, and is often the cannabis product that first comes to mind for most people.


Cannabis Flower at Freedom Road


Cannabis Flower

1/8 • 1/2 • 1 OZ.


Cannabis Flower

1/8 • 1/2 • 1 OZ.


Cannabis Flower

1/8 • 1/2 • 1 OZ.


Cannabis Flower

1/8 • 1/2 • 1 OZ.


Cannabis Flower

1/8 • 1/2 • 1 OZ.


Cannabis Flower

In Development

How to use Freedom Road’s Marijuana Flower

Flower is typically smoked or inhaled and is very versatile. It can be rolled in paper and smoked the way you would a cigar or cigarette or packed in a bowl and smoked in a pipe. Flower can also be vaporized with special electric pipes or used in accessories like a water bubbler. 

What are the pros of marijuana flower? 

  • Flower is the most well-recognized and most widely studied cannabis product with ample research and development history, so you’ll have plenty of information and plenty of options when making your purchasing decisions. 
  • Inhaling the smoke from flower allows for an almost immediate effect, sending cannabinoids directly through your lungs and into your bloodstream. Flower also has one of the highest bioavailability of cannabinoids, so a greater percentage of them actually make it into your system than with other consumption methods.
  • Flower is generally the most cost-friendly method of consuming cannabis, so even budget-conscious consumers can afford what they need and may even try something new.  

What are the cons of marijuana flower? 

  • You can’t smoke flower without the help of some sort of additional equipment. You will either need papers, a pipe, a bong, or some other apparatus to consume this type of cannabis. 
  • Flower has no standard dosing structure, which means you can’t really choose a dose of flower and it is more difficult to know how much to consume. This makes the efficacy of flower harder to gauge and makes it easier to under or over-consume. 
  • The effects you feel from smoking flower generally don’t last as long as those from other forms of cannabis, so you may find you need to use it more often. The average effect of smoking flower lasts between one and three hours.

Who is Marijuana Flower Best For?

Flower is best for people who:

  • Want an immediate effect but not necessarily a long-lasting one.
  • Prefer a “traditional” method of consumption.
  • Enjoy choosing from a wide variety of strain options.
  • Prefer a relatively predictable result time after time.
  • Want to consume marijuana in its most natural form.

Flower may not be ideal for people who:

  • Have a history of lung problems, such as asthma or COPD, or other respiratory illnesses.
  • Have a rental agreement that specifies no smoking on the property.
  • Have easily-irritated skin or eyes. 
  • Seek discretion in their cannabis consumption. 
  • Want a long-lasting product.

Even if flower isn’t right for you, Freedom Road offers a plethora of other products–including edibles, topicals, and concentrates–to help you find your road.

Types of Marijuana Flower at Freedom Road

The versatility of traditional flower allows you to craft a singular cannabis experience, and Freedom Road’s in-house grow operation produces truly exceptional indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to meet your every need.  Varieties like Focus or Energize help you stay at the top of your game, while options like Relief, Relax, or Sleep help erase the stress of your day. 

Freedom Road’s flower is cultivated in a climate-controlled optimized environment using advanced genetics, and we never use harsh chemicals. We’re always developing new strains to provide your best results, and with flower, you have the best opportunity to personalize your consumption.

Flower Brands at Freedom Road 

In addition to our own high-quality in-house flower, Freedom Road also offers a wide array of top-rated flower products from select brand partners who share our high standards for satisfaction and safety. In-house or name-brand, all of our products, including our pre-rolled blunts and joints, are rigorously tested for quality and consistency, and we’re constantly refreshing our inventory to complement our proprietary strains, so there’s always something new next to your favorites.

Product selection also varies by location and state, so be sure to visit each store’s product page for a full listing of what’s currently in stock! 

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Colorado Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries:

Find Your Road with Marijuana Flower from Freedom Road

The road to relief or recreation looks different for everyone and at Freedom Road, we’re committed to helping you find yours with confidence. Visit us in-person in Oklahoma and Colorado or check out our menu online to start your journey toward a healthier, happier you.