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Premium Cannabis Concentrates

When it comes to creating a potent recreational or medical cannabis experience, concentrates deliver a larger proportion of cannabinoids ounce for ounce than any other product. Concentrates are highly potent and highly effective, and at Freedom Road™, we’re proud to offer concentrate products that meet not only our exacting standards for quality but also our stringent expectations for consistency, safety, and accurate dosing. From shatter, wax, and live resin to distillate and vape products, you can shop with confidence at Freedom Road.


What is a Cannabis or Marijuana Concentrate? 

As the name suggests, concentrate products are essentially concentrated cannabis, created by distilling the most potent parts of the cannabis plant for higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates allow you to experience the best parts of the cannabis plant–including the flavor and aroma–without any of the plant material and without reducing or diluting their efficacy.

Concentrates are created by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant through one of two extraction methods: solvent-based or solventless. Solvent-based extraction produces the majority of cannabis concentrate products–also called extracts–including CO2 and distillate oils, shatter, wax, and live resin. Products like rosin and hash are typically produced via solventless extraction.


Cannabis Concentrates


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Cannabis Concentrate

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How to Use Freedom Road’s Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are incredibly versatile and can be consumed in a variety of ways. They can be used all on their own, incorporated into edibles, inhaled via vape pens, or added to a joint to enhance the potency.

The most common method of using cannabis is dabbing, a process in which the concentrate or extract is heated using a dab rig until it vaporizes, producing a potent vapor that can be inhaled. (The popularity of dabbing is also why concentrates are often referred to as “dabs.”)

It’s important to remember when using concentrates that these products contain a higher THC potency than others–up to 4 times stronger–and tend to produce more intense effects. At Freedom Road, your safety and satisfaction are our top priority, and our experienced staff can help you navigate the bolder world of concentrates to make sure you enjoy the results you expect.

What are the pros of cannabis or marijuana concentrates?

  • Cannabis concentrates can be consumed quickly and typically deliver a faster onset, meaning it doesn’t take as long for you to feel the effects.
  • A little concentrate goes a long way, so you’ll likely find you need and use less to get the results you want. 
  • No smoke or odor.
  • More potency often means a heightened experience and stronger effects.
  • Precise dosing makes it easier to know exactly how much you are using.

What are the cons of cannabis or marijuana concentrates?

  • Concentrates tend to be more expensive than other forms of marijuana, generally requiring you to purchase additional, specific equipment in order to use it.  
  • The potency of concentrates, especially if consumed over time, may impact your tolerance. 
  • The higher levels of THC in concentrates–up to 80% as compared to flower’s 10-25%–can produce more noticeable side effects and experiences that may be too intense for some people.

Who are cannabis or marijuana concentrates best for? 

Concentrates are best for people who:

  • Are experienced recreational and medical marijuana consumers who are familiar with the effects of using cannabis
  • Want versatile options for consuming their cannabis that also provide immediate, heightened, and long-lasting effects.
  • Need relief from conditions like chronic inflammation, migraines, nausea, and pain

Concentrates may not be ideal for people who:

  • Are inexperienced in using marijuana
  • Don’t want the extra equipment and accessories needed to consume concentrate
  • Prefer milder, primarily physical effects from their cannabis use than stronger or psychoactive effects

Concentrates are many people’s preferred product for their recreational or medical marijuana needs, but they aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re looking to try concentrates out or already know they just aren’t for you, the friendly staff at Freedom Road can help you find exactly what you’re looking for from our wide selection of high-quality cannabis products.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates at Freedom Road

At Freedom Road, we work hard to cater to medical and recreational cannabis users of all experience levels. From first-time curiosity to concentrate connoisseur, there is a product for you here. Our concentrate selection is carefully created and curated from the highest quality flower and the highest quality brands. We make sure everything we carry meets or exceeds our uncompromising standards in safety and efficacy. At Freedom Road, you’ll find simply incomparable concentrate products like:

  • Shatter, a form of butane hash oil (BHO). This hard, glass-like concentrate is one of the purest forms of concentrate. 
  • Wax, a thick, opaque and malleable concentrate that is typically smoked or “dabbed” using a water pipe or vaporizer.
  • Live resin is created from fresh, flash-frozen plant material and contains a high terpene content. Live resin is popular in vape cartridges.
  • Distillate, a concentrated, translucent oil that contains only a specific cannabinoid. Distillate is tasteless, odorless, and 99% pure THC concentrate.
  • Vape cartridges and pens vaporize the THC oil in concentrates for inhalation.
  • Rosin, a versatile, solventless concentrate extracted through heat and pressure.
  • Hash is a potent concentrate made of compressed kief. Hash has a high percentage of cannabinoids, includingTHC.

Product and brand selection varies by location and state, and we’re always updating and refreshing our inventory. Visit your store’s product page to find out what’s in stock. You might discover something new sitting next to your favorite standby! 

WARNING: Overconsumption of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder, Mental Health Symptoms/Problems, Cannabis Hyperemesis (CHS), and Cannabis use disorder/dependence, including physical and psychological dependence.

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Find Your Road with Cannabis Concentrates from Freedom Road

From recreation to relief and everything in between, the experienced staff at Freedom Road is here to help you find the path to a healthier, happier life. Come in today to explore the possibilities and find out if cannabis concentrates are right for you. Reach out to contact us through our website or visit one of our locations in Colorado or Oklahoma.