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Our Grow


Each Freedom Road™ location is equipped with its own grow facility. Growing and harvesting our own products in-house allows us to control our supply and test for different variables, guaranteeing consistency and excellence every step of the way.

Our Commitment to Growing Superior Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Cultivating premium medical and recreational cannabis is more than science – there’s an art to tweaking variables to produce the strains that energize, uplift, soothe, and relax. Our priority is always complete customer satisfaction, and we understand how important it is for consumers to find the safe, potent, and consistent products that perfectly meet their individual needs.

So many people suffer from the stresses of daily life or the pain and psychological strain associated with injury and illness. Medical and recreational marijuana have emerged as a viable option for symptom relief, helping consumers to address their own health and wellness needs in a natural way. However, it’s essential to use quality products cultivated by experts.

This is where Freedom Road truly shines. We strive to cultivate the world’s best cannabis for those in need, and our products are naturally grown with the highest standards in mind, to ensure quality and consistency. When our products are ready, we proudly partner with select local dispensaries to distribute them to medical patients, as well as recreational consumers.

While high quality often equates to high cost, Freedom Road is all about accessibility. Even though we deliver a premium product, the needs of the consumer drive our every decision, which is why we’re pleased to offer all of our products at competitive price points.

Careful cultivation is the heart of our operation, and our commitment to controlling every aspect of our grow and submitting to thorough testing ensures that every dispensary we distribute to receives the premium products consumers expect and deserve.

Our Cannabis Cultivation Process

At Freedom Road, we understand the importance of treating plants with care, in order to generate the best medical and recreational cannabis products. This is why every plant receives individualized consideration, with special attention to tending throughout the grow cycle and harvesting at just the right time to ensure optimal potency and peak purity.

We’re committed to providing pure and natural products, and we never use pesticides or other harsh chemicals in our grow operation. Further, we meet and exceed applicable health and safety laws. We observe safety and hygiene requirements at our facilities and in all of our cultivation and production practices.

Each strain utilizes premium genetics, paired with a climate optimized environment and zero pesticides, for healthy, natural growth. We rigorously test to make sure each strain meets and exceeds requirements for state-licensed certification. We only offer consumers medical and recreational marijuana that meet our high standards for safety, potency, and consistency, and every facet of our grow operation is driven by this goal.

Of course, consumers still have to find the perfect products for their particular needs and preferences, which is why we go above and beyond to offer education. Not only is every member of our team highly trained and educated about our products, but we pass this knowledge along to our customers and dispensary partners, ensuring that every consumer is empowered to make informed decisions about the premium Freedom Road products they choose.

Our High-Quality Recreational Cannabis Products

We know that cannabis consumption is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every consumer has different needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking medical or recreational marijuana for adult use, we cover the complete spectrum of cannabis offerings, with superior products designed to please everyone.

We start by carefully selecting and developing unique and potent genetics, creating the safe, effective, and consistent products consumers expect. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has helped us to earn a reputation as a trusted local brand, and our premium products help to drive sales for our dispensary partners.

We offer a wide variety of strains and products to local dispensaries, so every customer has access to their preferred form of cannabis consumption and desired results. Dispensaries can stock a range of premium products from our in-house grow operation, including:

Cannabis Flower/Pre-rolls

The crowning jewel of our operation, our potent flower is naturally grown and free of pesticides and other chemicals, ensuring safety and efficacy and preserving natural flavors and aromas. Our flower is always best in quality, and we’re pleased to offer competitive pricing to ensure accessibility. Pre-rolls add convenience for customers who prefer not to roll their own.


Potency and cost-effectiveness are important factors for many consumers. Our concentrates, including shatter, wax, live resin, distillate, vape products, and more, are created using the highest-quality flower and observing rigorous production standards, ensuring a potent, yet affordable option for experienced consumers.


Edibles are an easy, discreet, and delicious means of consuming medical or recreational marijuana. With chocolates, gummies, baked goods, beverages, tinctures, and more to choose from, every customer will find a favorite among our high-quality edible products. Both potent and affordable, these options offer accurate and reliable dosing for newcomers and seasoned consumers alike.


In addition to the whole-body benefits of flower, concentrates, and edibles, Freedom Road offers all-natural topicals for targeted, external relief. Made with quality flower, with no additives or preservatives, our lotions, balms, and more deliver accurate and reliable dosing to soothe and relieve aches and pains.

Benefits of Carrying Freedom Road Products

Dispensary customers want the best medical and recreational cannabis products, and Freedom Road delivers with a range of quality products cultivated from premium plant genetics. Every flower, concentrate, edible, and topical is designed to deliver outstanding symptom relief, and our incredible selection of safe, potent, and consistent products is made with customer satisfaction in mind.

We deliver the variety and outcomes customers crave, and our commitment to quality has made us the trusted manufacturer we are today. We continue to build trust within the community by partnering with brands that share our values, and as a result, our dispensary partners enjoy increased sales, repeat business, and overall customer satisfaction.

Dispensaries dedicated to providing the safe and effective products their customers expect, at the affordable and accessible pricing they deserve, will find everything they’re looking for and more by partnering with Freedom Road and taking advantage of our premium grow operation.