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New Strains at Freedom Road

June 29, 2023

☀️New Summer Strains ☀️

In order to deliver the premium-quality recreational cannabis products every consumer deserves, we not only offer a carefully curated selection of your favorite products and brands, but we manage our own grow operation, ensuring quality, consistency, and control. This requires thoughtful selection of new genetics, which our dedicated, in-house grow team lovingly nurtures and harvests, so you always enjoy the greatest potency, consistency, and flavor.
It’s Christmas in July, full of new possibilities, and we’ve worked hard to generate ten new strains of incredibly appealing cannabis. Whether you’re visiting Freedom Road for the first time or you’re a long-time patron, we encourage everyone to sample the fruits of our labor and find a few new favorites. What’s included in our new roll-out?
Violet Vixen- Energize (SH)

Violet Vixen is a heavily sativa dominate strain created by crossing Purple Punch and Jet Fuel Gelato.  The result is a so flavorful with tastes of sweet berries, spicy grapes and just a hint of sour herbs. You will feel insanely euphoric and energized from your head to your toes with great motivation to tackle any project on that to-do list! 

Cherry Punch- Focus (SH)

AK47 and Purple Punch f2 create a sativa dominate hybrid strain that is just as fruity as it sounds. Cherry Punch is the perfect mid-day smoke that is certain to uplift your mood and promote wellness.

Electro Lime- Relief (H)

Electro Lime is a new strain with unknown origins. It is believed to be a cross of Key Lime Mints and Devil Driver but we may never really know. This strain is the perfect hybrid that delivers an electrifying high that is sure to boogie-woogie on your brain.

Bazookies- Relief (H)

A beautiful pairing of Girl Scout Cookies and Bubblegum, this well-balanced hybrid delivers the smoothest smoke with after tastes of sugar and berries upon exhale. Bazookies is a great cannabis strain for morning or night relaxing the body immediately without making you too sleepy.

Rotten Rozay- Relief (H)

Don’t let the name of this strain keep you away, this perfectly balanced hybrid was created by crossing the classic GMO strain and Rozay. With earthy, gassy and fruity flavors, Rotten Rozay is sure to provide instant euphoria and creativity.

Watermelon Rush- Relief (H)

This wonderful summertime hybrid is a cross of Creamsicle and Pancakes. Perfect to bring to the neighborhood BBQ, Watermelon Rush won’t couchlock it’s consumers and delivers an overall sunnier outlook on life.

Zour Apples- Relax (IH)

Plantman Jack and Ethos Glue create this rare and exotic indica dominate hybrid strain. With hints of apples, flowers and chocolate chem this strain is packed full of flavor creating a long-lasting high that will help you kick back and relax.

Wedding Cake- Relax (IH)

Love Girl Scout Cookies strains? Wedding Cake (AKA Triangle Mints #23) is an indica dominate hybrid strain with the familiar parents- Triangle Kush & Animal Mints. This strain is the perfect after dinner dessert with flavors like sweet vanilla and earthy pepper.

Mars Hotel- Sleep (I)

With the pairing of Cherry Punch and Stardawg IX you can expect an out-of-this world high that provides immediate relief throughout the entire body. Mars Hotel is perfect for bedtime with its sweet and earthy terpene profiles.

Snozzberry- Sleep (I)

Snozzberry is a cross of Purple Urkle and Snowdawg BX that is quick to calm you down after those long, long days. With hints of fruity berries you’ll be certain to snozz right off into dreamland.