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Oklahoma Recreational Cannabis Laws

July 27, 2021

Being that the legality of cannabis varies widely in jurisdictions across the country, it’s always important to stay up to date with the exact laws in your state and any states you may be traveling to. “Legal” in one place could mean serious trouble in another, so you definitely always want to know before you go.

If you’re a resident of Oklahoma or planning to visit the state, you should be aware of a few things. First of all, even though medicinal marijuana became legal in the state in 2018, Oklahoma recreational weed is still not legal. That means that you must be a state resident and hold a medical card to purchase, possess, consume, or cultivate marijuana legally.

While Oklahoma recreational weed still awaits legalization, there are an array of different conditions for which one might be able to receive their medical card. Having your card does not give you carte blanche to do with your medical cannabis as you please, though. There are several laws to be aware of for all Oklahoma tokers. To get you up to speed, let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.


It may be legal for medical card carriers to possess marijuana in Oklahoma, but that doesn’t mean they can have as much as they want, in any place they want. These are the legal limits for possession in the state:

  • 8 ounces (227 grams) in a private residence
  • 3 ounces (85 grams) on your person
  • 72 ounces (2 kilograms) of edibles
  • 1 ounce (28 grams) of concentrates

Even if Oklahoma recreational weed were legal, these laws would more than likely be the exact same. All states with legalized recreational marijuana have possession limits both in the home and on the person.


Much like with alcohol, there are limitations to where you can consume your marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. These limitations, however, are somewhat vague. One can certainly light up in a private residence with consent from the owner, but the rules are slightly different in public.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority states that smoking/vaping marijuana in public is looked at as legally the same thing as smoking tobacco in public. That would mean that one is not allowed to smoke in most public indoor spaces. However, there are certain restaurants and bars in the state that allow smoking. It’s challenging to determine whether that also includes smoking/vaping marijuana. If Oklahoma recreational weed were legal, it’s easy to imagine that this would not be the case, but with medical cannabis, things are slightly more up in the air.

One thing is for sure—smoking while driving or in a vehicle is absolutely illegal in Oklahoma, whether you’re the driver or the passenger.


If you have received your medical card, you will need only to present it at a state-licensed dispensary to purchase whatever cannabis products they have to offer. If the patient is under 18 or physically unable to buy the marijuana, they may designate a caregiver to do it for them.

There is no limit to the amount of cannabis that one can purchase at a time, but possession limits are applicable. That would likely not be the case for Oklahoma recreational weed if it were to become legal, as many states with recreational cannabis impose purchase limits.