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The Best Ways to Enjoy Cannabis This Summer

May 13, 2021

After a long, cold winter, summer is finally around the corner. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the temperatures are on their way up. With this changing of the seasons, it’s likely that you’re changing things up yourself. T-shirts are becoming tank tops, sneakers are becoming sandals, and your hot coffee in the morning is now served chilled and filled with ice.

But what about your cannabis? Is your preferred method of consumption the same year-round or does it evolve with the seasons like so many other things do? It’s all a matter of opinion, of course, but there are certain summer-friendly ways that you can enjoy your cannabis this season to really elevate the experience. Read on to learn more!


Smoking Cannabis to Cool You Off

One good thing about cold weather is that you can always throw on another warm garment to defend yourself against it. The summer heat isn’t quite like that. There’s only so many articles of clothing you can remove before things start to get a little awkward, so keeping cool can become a difficult task when a serious heatwave rolls around.

Fortunately for cannabis enthusiasts, their favorite pastime can also double as a unique way to beat the summer heat. Studies have shown that cannabinoids interact with the hypothalamus—which is essentially your body’s thermostat—and can work to keep you from overheating.

Of course, nothing beats air conditioning and a tall glass of water when it comes to cooling off in the middle of July, but cannabis can certainly help out.


Changing Up Your Method of Consumption

You may be particular about how you prefer to consume your cannabis, but there are certain methods that lend themselves to summer weather that you might like to try, even if it means breaking your ritual.

Inhaling hot smoke on a hot day can be a pretty unpleasant experience. Finding a pocketful of melted edibles isn’t much better. You’re probably going to want to choose a method that is a bit more agreeable with the sky-high temperatures that are typical of the dog days of summer.

This can mean seeking out edibles with a higher melting point than, say, chocolate, or switching over from flower to vape cartridges. You can even check out some cool THC beverages, like lemonade, tea, soda, or margaritas.

Switching things up will not only make your experience more compatible with the summer heat, but the change of pace might also make things a little more fun.


Stay Inside

Some summer days are way too hot, no matter what you do to keep yourself cool. On days like that, sometimes the best solution is to stay inside and enjoy some cannabis in the comfort of your own air conditioned home.

When you’re keeping cool in a climate-controlled environment, you can enjoy your cannabis any which way you want. Don’t worry, the heatwave will eventually pass and when it does, you now know exactly how to keep enjoying your cannabis all the way into the fall.