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How to Enjoy Your Freedom Road Cannabis Like a Pro

October 25, 2023

At Freedom Road, we’re passionate about educating our customers on cannabis and empowering them to create their own journey toward a happier, healthier life. We believe in taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect products and in guaranteeing product safety and satisfaction for every customer.

A budtender is the all-important bridge between cannabis products and the consumer, and at Freedom Road, we’re proud to have some of the best budtenders in the business. Our budtenders are more than product experts; they’re cannabis connoisseurs whose only goal is to find the flower, concentrate, topical, or edible for curating your most exceptional experience.

No matter which of our Oklahoma City or Trinidad locations you visit, the Freedom Road budtenders are professional cannabis enthusiasts excited to share their knowledge. Here, they share how you can enjoy your Freedom Road cannabis products like they do.


What products do you recommend for beginners and why?

When it comes to recommending products for beginners, our budtenders were more or less unanimous in consistently reaching for reliable standbys, primarily:

  • Flower. “It’s a milder experience for experienced users,” says Desi, “but it can be just enough for beginners.”
  • Low- or micro-dosed easy-to-measure edibles
  • Hybrids

They’re reluctant to go straight for concentrates, vapes, or edibles.

“Edibles and concentrates can be rough if you do too much or don’t know what you’re doing,” says Haley, and “overdosing on cannabis can be scary,” added Angela.

However, if you’re set on starting with something else, Alyssa will suggest low-dose edibles or small prerolls with a low-dose, fast-acting gummy, “so it’s not as easy to over consume if they get impatient.”

James is more specific. “Joybombs are good because you can drop a few in a regular bag of Skittles,” he says. “Keef Colas are good as long as you’re prepared for the intensity–I was surprised at how sudden and heavy it was.”


What is your favorite Freedom Road product?

A large part of what makes our budtenders so good is that they understand how to use our products and they know what they like, giving them a unique perspective into which ones might be best for you. Everyone likes a little something different, and with our extensive selection, there’s a favorite for every personality. Here’s what each of our budtenders love.

Haley: My favorite is Quick Calm because it’s really effective with very little THC.

Keenan: 710 Labs rosin. It’s the best concentrate in the state.

LeighAnne: I love any and all of Freedom Road’s flower. It gives me the best results.

Desi: My favorite Freedom Road product has to be our in-house flower. Those cannabinoids and terpenes? It’s sheer perfection.

Chris: 710 Labs rosin. Not only is it a great product, but it’s also fun to sell.

Joel: The Lunchbox. I want to carry my dabs in one.

Angela: Green Dot. From their concentrates to their pre rolls, it’s all delish, and I love it.

Alyssa: Leiffa live rosin is an affordable rosin option that is still high quality. I also like 14er, because it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Johnny: I like the pinner jar, Calm products, topicals, and bath salts.

James: It’s got to be the One:Eleven Rosin stick. It’s an exceptional infused preroll that’s visually gorgeous. It has a lovely little useless glass vial for schwag (that can also be used to transport homemade rosin sticks, so not completely useless) that doesn’t get clogged or veiny as you smoke it. Denver Dab Co diamond dusted pre rolls are a close second.


Because they get to try just about everything we carry, the budtenders at Freedom Road also have the opportunity to discover some hidden gems. Here are some lesser-known or requested products you may be missing out on.

Haley: Sun rocks are a great way to treat yourself.

Warren: I’d say the rosin stix and water hash.

Keenan: Dialed In Liquid Gummies.

Desi: Turbo Cores. They’re sticks of cannabis concentrate that you stick in your rolled-up smokable, and now you have an infused roll. Incredible.

Chris: RSO, bath salts, and our stash boxes.


Angela: RSO and activated syringes.

Alyssa: Rosin. It’s a much cleaner, smoother product.

Johnny: Definitely the more overlooked products are the bath salts or bath bombs, things for relaxation or occasional use, because they are CBD-based products made for pain relief.

James: The Sunrocks by Dadirri. The price seems a little steep until you smoke some of it. 


How do you like to use different Freedom Road products?

Not only do our budtenders have their favorite Freedom Road products, but they also have their own personal preferences for how to use them.

Some keep it simple, sticking to flower and dabs with maybe an edible for special occasions or an ointment every once in a while. Others are more precise.

“I like edibles when I’m getting ready for bed, then flower in bed,” says Haley. “And I like vapes for when I want to smoke but still need to work and function.”

Angela likes to get creative, making her own edibles with flower, rosin, or RSO, like the double-infused edible she made with a Wedding Cake tincture evaporated into some sugar. Alyssa prefers to try things she normally wouldn’t, while Joel doesn’t discriminate: “I like to smoke them, eat them, roll around in them.”


Best Freedom Road Products For…

Our budtenders also have personal favorites for specific situations. Here is what they like for:

  • Watching movies. Pre-rolls like those from Green Dot; cold start dabs; strains like Electrolime or Mimosa; stacked edibles and flower; sativa/hybrid sunrocks (cannabis buds containing high levels of THC and dipped in concentrate; and Mary’s indica patch
  • Sleeping. Edibles like indica gummies, CBN gummies, or vanilla kush mints; strains like Member Berry or kush; and Keef cola
  • Going to events or concerts. Small vapes; Rose Gold Runtz; joints and infused pre-rolls; and stacking with sativas like Chemmy Jones #1.
  • Socializing. Pre-rolls with sativa-dominant hybrids like Hella Jelly or Lemon Skunk; other hybrids like Runtz; something like Freedom Road’s Super Lemon Haze if you want to be chatty; or something closer to our Wedding Cake if you want to “sew your mouth shut.”
  • A splurge or special occasion. Fancy pre-rolls or dabs; 710 Labs products such as water hash, rosin, or Noodle Drinks; and anything from 14er or Green Dot.

For everyday or more routine use, most of our budtenders like 14er flower. Angela rolls her own and James likes Green Shelf in particular, because “you don’t need a lot, just a joint or two, and it’s really nice.” Alyssa prefers Whoa-Si-Whoa.


Best Value Products from Freedom Road

The Freedom Road budtenders also like a good deal. To get the most bang for your buck, our budtenders suggest:

  • Discount flower
  • Dabs, especially if you need something discrete or tasty that will get you through several weeks with very little effort. James says, “They may not be as much fun or as smelly, but a dab’ll do ya.”
  • The Flower Collective Pinner Jar
  • Binske Live Budder Hybrid concentrate
  • Popcorn for making edibles, especially using Freedom Road’s new strains
  • Purple Sunset

Other budtenders don’t get particular. Joel likes dabs for everything, while Desi and Johnny prefer anything that will allow them to relax and still be able to function, such as hybrids or indicas with a substantial amount of myrcene. LeighAnne goes for specific terpenes, especially limonene and a-Pinene, which produce uplifting feelings of energy, euphoria, or creativity. 


What is your perfect cannabis experience?

If there’s one thing cannabis is not, it’s one-size-fits-all. From different strains and concentrations to different ways to consume, cannabis is truly customizable. Enjoying it can be a dynamic, multi-layered experience, and with the right product and the right guidance from our budtenders, you can create the ideal effect for your specific needs. 

The perfect cannabis experience looks different for everyone, even among a group of seasoned pros like our budtenders. LeighAnne describes various effects as “feeling it in your head, your body, or both,” while Keenan defines it as “cerebral, psychedelic, or energetic. Or all three.”

Several search for a relaxed and evened-out feeling, something to ease tension or reduce pain, maybe from sativa edibles. Others aim for a physical chill with mental acuity and focus–a “gamer’s high,” according to James, which he achieves with Dutch Treat Haze, or a “relaxed like jelly but also energized and numb,” which Desi achieves “by eating about 20mg THC and 10-15mgs of CBD edibles, then smoke a hybrid flower joint with an indica shatter or Turbo Core.” For Alyssa and Chris, it looks like a “giggly heavy head high” accompanied by “consistent bouts of euphoria,” while Joel looks for a “full-throttle blitz,” especially if he’s consuming for recreation.


Trust the Cannabis Pros at Freedom Road

No matter whether you know exactly what you want or don’t know where to start, the budtenders at Freedom Road can help you on your journey. Our expert staff is committed to educating and empowering every one of our customers to make the best, most informed decisions possible for their cannabis experience.

At Freedom Road, we know that the road to relief or recreation looks different for everyone, and our experienced budtenders are here to help guide you through our extensive offering of products to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. From a crash course in cannabis basics to the finer points of terpenes, the budtenders at Freedom Road only have one goal: your complete satisfaction.

Come visit the budtenders at any of our Oklahoma City or Trinidad locations and let us show you how it’s done.