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The Elevating Power of Infused Prerolls

August 17, 2021

Cannabis lovers are always looking for new ways to enhance their smoking experience. Whether it’s through the creation of all sorts of different pipes and pieces, developing various methods of THC extraction, or adding cannabinoids to their favorite types of food and drink, it seems the permutations of pot consumption are absolutely endless.

One of the simplest, yet most potent methods of elevating the traditional pot experience is through infused prerolls.

These next-level joints and blunts take a classic mode of toking up and bring it into the modern era of marijuana, where concentrates are king and the THC content is sky high.

If you’re a fan of prerolls and getting really high, you should definitely give infused prerolls a look. These products are highly convenient, highly potent, and growing in popularity.

What is an Infused Preroll?

A preroll is a joint or blunt — typically of high-grade weed — that has been expertly rolled. The idea is that they not only save you the time required to roll something up yourself, but they also save you the years of practice required to twist up a picture perfect, slow-burning masterpiece. In essence, prerolls are super convenient and they look pretty cool, too.

An infused preroll is a prerolled joint or blunt that has some form of cannabis extract added to it in order to kick up the THC content a few notches.

Infused prerolls can be made with THCa diamonds, wax, bubble hash, live resin, and more. The extract can be included with the flower that’s been rolled up, or it can be added to the outside and rolled up in kief.

This gives the preroller an opportunity to make their product a bit decorative. Take a look at some infused prerolls and you’ll find that they can inspire quite a bit of creativity.

Our Infused Prerolls

Freedom Road carries a wide variety of infused prerolls from a number of great brands. Whether you’re looking for cones loaded with kief, super potent THCa diamond joints, cannon-sized cannabis cigars blended with super flavorful live resin, or anything in between, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Below is a list of the infused prerolls that we currently carry:

  • Dadirri Caviar Joints (infused with Distillate)
  • Dadirri Bubble Bitty Joints (infused with Bubble Hash)
  • The Flower Collective Bubble Joints (infused with Bubble Hash)
  • Empire Joker Joint (infused with THCa Diamonds)
  • The Greenery Hash Joint (infused with Hash)
  • High Country Kief Cones (infused with Kief)
  • One Eleven Rosin Stick (infused with Rosin)
  • Xiaolin Cannagars (infused with Live Resin)

Our infused prerolls will take your idea of what a joint or blunt is capable of and throw it out the window. What would usually require an elaborate dabbing setup is now available in an attractive prerolled package that burns slow and hits hard.

We’re always offering discounts on our infused prerolls, as well, so keep an eye out and you’ll be able to save a few bucks in the process!