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Cannabis Strains: Our Top Five

February 8, 2019

Dispensary budtenders often get asked about our favorite strains. It’s a tough question to answer since every strain is a unique experience. But if we were trapped on an island and could only take five strains, these would be our five:


The Death Star is a moon-sized floating weapon that can destroy planets in the film Star Wars. The cannabis strain Death Star is just as powerful at blasting stress and sending us into deep relaxation. It features high amounts of the terpene caryophyllene and has an earthy taste. The onset is slow but momentous. This indica is our choice strain for nighttime and rest.


Alien Nightmare is a newer strain with out-of-this-world calming effects. The diverse terpene profile features high guaiol; pine and mint flavors swirl about like the rings of Saturn. Alien Nightmare relieves our physical aches after a hard day’s work. Before we know it, we’re sinking into spaceship couch and feeling calm and content. This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect to unwind in the evening.


Dive into fresh blueberries on a warm spring morning in Paris. In Blueberry Headband, flavors of berries and fruit pair against pepper. The onset is quick and the namesake ‘headband’ reflects the subtle feeling of a headband around the forehead. Blueberry Headband is a balanced hybrid that creates a surge in mental energy but also promotes physical relaxation. The bow on this tart of enjoyment is a subtle touch of euphoria.


Lucky Charms, named after the famous cereal, is our breakfast of champions. The sweet flavors are a menagerie of fruit, and the flowers are coated with sugary resin. This strain imbues uplifting and energizing effects; it makes us whistle while we work. We might even smile and laugh. Lucky Charms is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it great for morning/daytime use.



Jack Flash jumped right out of the Rolling Stones’ hit and into our cannabis hearts. The onset is lightning fast and delivers a thunderous cerebral boost perfect for creativity, focus, and productivity. The indica-dominant hybrid also soothes physical tension and promotes feelings of calm. Citrus, lime, and earthy flavors dance together to a psychedelic drum beat. This strain is good for daytime or evening use. With Jack Flash, we get into the zone.

As it happens, we grow these five strains in-house. We can’t get enough. But sharing is caring… what are you top strains?