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710 OIL Day

June 21, 2021

The marijuana holiday 420 has long been a day to celebrate the cannabis plant and show solidarity in the legalization and decriminalization movement, but what about cannabis oils and concentrates? They deserve a day of their own, don’t they?

Well, cannabis extracts actually do have their own day, and it’s coming up soon. July 10th, or 710, is international oil day, a time to celebrate all of cannabis flower’s many concentrated cousins. It’s always great to have a reason for festivity, even more so when those festivities include cannabis oil appreciation. Read on to learn more about 710 and how you can take part in the marijuana merrymaking.


Who Started 710? 

The origins of the 420 holiday are fascinating. It all started in the early 70s with a group of high school kids who called themselves the Waldos, eventually finding its way to some of cannabis’s greatest champions, the Grateful Dead, and ultimately becoming an internationally recognized high holiday. But, where did 710 begin?

The history of the day is not as well known as 420’s origins, but we know that THC-loving hip-hop artist TaskRok had a hand in its creation. He claims to have popularized the term 710 related to cannabis oil, realizing that turning the numbers backward and flipping them upside down gives you the word oil. He even dropped an album on July 10th  back in 2011 called The Movement, which sought to turn 710 into something even more celebrated than 420.

The movement promoted by The Movement has proven somewhat effective, as 710 has indeed become a cannabis concentrate holiday celebrated across the globe in the ten years since the album’s release. Despite his clear connection to the day’s proliferation, TaskRok insists that it’s not his holiday by any stretch of the imagination. He only wants it to be a special day where those who cherish concentrates as much as he does get to share in the celebration.


How to Celebrate OIL Day

Well, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already well-versed on how to take part in the celebration of 710. Grab your favorite form of extract and simply have at it. The big difference between enjoying concentrates on July 10th and enjoying them on any other day is that you’re taking part in a growing tradition.

When you light up, you can know with certainty that there are countless like-minded souls across the planet joining you. That’s pretty cool.


Freedom Road’s 710 Festivities

If you want to take your celebration a step further, you can come out to Freedom Road’s 710 Vendor festival. This event will be held on—you guessed it—July 10th at our Brickyard location, and it will include a ton of different vendors offering every kind of concentrate you can imagine, and possibly some you’ve never even heard of.

On top of the incredible extract selection, we’ll also have food, games, raffles, and live music. No, that live music does not include a performance by TaskRok, but just as with any 710 celebrations, he will always be there in spirit.